Ali Jawad

Date of Birth 12/01/89
Place of Birth Lebanon
Weight Cat under 59kg class
Club MPFIT gym
Coach Tom Whittaker


On the Platform

Greatest Achievement
Becoming the IPC world champion and breaking the world record in the process

Michael Johnson

Training Regime
Six to seven training sessions a week lasting two hours a time, with one and a half hours of physio related exercises daily

Who has been the greatest influence on you?
In my junior days Dave Kaye and Lee Warne. Currently Tom Whittaker

When did you begin lifting?
2005 at 16 years old

Why did you begin lifting?
My friend encouraged me to go to the gym with him, and I got spotted by the head coach of the club


Off the Platform

Ultimate Relaxation
On the sofa watching films

One thing you can’t live without
My phone

Tip for the top
“Why be the best, when you can be the greatest?”

Life after Lifting
Sport administration at world governing bodies/educating workshops

Describe yourself in three words
Cheeky, Determined, Committed



Sports Team

Rocky 4

Kebab and chips

Last book read
Sir Steve Redgrave autobiography